President Superfluous

Don’t you think that we have enough anxiety in our lives already? I do. And so, to improve the quality of my life I’ve decided to cut back on something that I’m certain isn’t good for me. “Fewer Oreos?” Don’t be ridiculous. No. I’ve decided to stop paying any attention to President Trump. And I will not be any worse off for doing so. Not in the least.

Yes, I watch entirely too much CNN and other news. I like to stay well-informed, but Donald is everywhere, so I’m going to work and do other stuff more and watch President Trump less.

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Security Clearances for Candidates for President

If you can’t trust someone, what’s the point of electing him or her President?

As you may have heard or read in recent news coverage, there’s a question as to whether or not the President’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, should have a security clearance. The issue isn’t so much that he doesn’t qualify. It’s that the person who ordered him to be given one, despite Mr. Kushner’s vulnerabilities to influence, wouldn’t himself qualify for a security clearance. And that person is President Donald Trump.

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One term wonder.

That’s President Trump, on the left, with one of his most trusted advisors.

Yes, that person – on the right! – in the featured image for this piece, copped from a cover of Mad Magazine, is Alfred E. Neuman, rumored to be on President-Elect Trump’s short list for Secretary of Defense. No, that’s not a typo. Alfred asked Mr. Trump if he could be in charge of the wall along our border with Mexico or “The Fence” as Alfred likes to call it and Mr. Trump misheard him. And the rest will be history.

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Donald Trump just may be the best reason for election reform ever.

Donald Trump is a fraud. Not just because he makes things up based on little or no real information about subject matter or knowingly lies because people tend to believe what celebrities tell them. He’s also a fraud because he thinks he killed the Republican primaries confirming, in his own mind, that he’s God’s gift to America.

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