Baltimore City New Car Dealers

Hey.  As you know from other articles we’ve published, literally thousands of Baltimore’s unemployed and under-employed people could find jobs – good jobs – if only they had affordable transportation to get to work.  Unfortunately, bus and rail transportation are not sufficient for many people living in Baltimore to get to jobs at a distance inside the city and certainly not in the suburbs.

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Where would you put a new car dealership in Baltimore?

We need to help people get to work, literally.

There are thousands of available jobs throughout the greater metropolitan area that unemployed people in the city can’t take without the personal transportation they need to get to work.  They don’t own a car and can’t qualify prospectively for the financing they can afford now that they are working.  (Credit approval for new car purchases is a retrospective process based on your credit history – and that’s something we need to change.)  Commuting into the suburbs by bus and/or rail isn’t an option.  Buying an older used car, without a long-term warranty, is an expensive and ill-advised alternative.  Many unemployed people need an affordable new car – or late model used car, just 2 or 3 years old, protected by a manufacturer’s or franchise dealer warranty.

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Jobs and the cars you need to get to them.

If you live in the city of Baltimore, you may have noticed that getting to work can be a very time-consuming, somewhat uncertain process. Commuting by bus can take a while, particularly if you have change lines, and reliability can also be problem. The Governor says he has a plan to make your life better. We’ll see how that works out.

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