City-Owned Vacant Homes & Lots For Sale, Cheap!

Updated Vacants-To-Value Program Inventory
As Of July 16, 2016

As you can see from the flier at the bottom of this post, the City’s Housing Department is having what it calls the “Baltimore Builds Expo” on August 13. It’s a series of classes that will help you buy a house or vacant lot on which you can build one – for your family or for sale or rent. The Expo is a great idea and well worth your time if you’re even the least bit interested in taking advantage of the city’s inventory of over 1800 vacant houses and lots.

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Technical Problem

A few days ago, we posted an article that talked about the urgent need to study, right now, the economics of the 150,000+ complaints that are filed with “Rent Court” every year – and that result in 7000 evictions annually. It’s a really important study that addresses a very, very significant problem in our city, the resolution of which is essential to the accomplishment of the economic recovery which is our mission. (Not so subtle note to contributors… It’s a study Baltimore Rising would gladly do for the city if you’d like to fund it.)

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