JOB$ – The Employer Funding Service from Baltimore Rising

Hey.  We have an exciting program to tell you about.  Just click on the link below to see the flier.  And then, if you’re interested – and you will be – come back to fill out our form.

Thanks.  Don’t hesitate to call or email us if you have any questions.  And please, if you’re not personally interested, help us spread the word.

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Financing For Employers

If you’ve read our post entitled “Vacants-To-Jobs,” you know that Baltimore Rising is introducing legislation that gives employers who are willing to locate in the city’s disadvantaged neighborhoods free property and no property taxes for 5 years. The simple, but nonetheless profound idea is that we’re going to make employers offers they can’t refuse to get them to do what too many businesses have avoided. We’re going to give them a compelling reason to set up shop in a neighborhood some of them don’t even want to drive through, much less park there, get out and spend the day. Heaven forbid, maybe go out to some local place for lunch.’

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Priming The Pump

Almost everybody is in agreement that Baltimore needs to lower its property tax rate which, at 2.248%, is almost twice that of the next highest county rate in the state. The rate is so high that it’s discouraging people and employers from moving here – and encouraging people and businesses to leave. We have a consensus. The question isn’t whether or not we lower the rate, but by what means and how quickly.

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What’s in it for me?

It’s a reasonable question.

Sure, you care about Baltimore and maybe that’s reason enough for you to contribute to Baltimore Rising. But then, human nature being what it is, you may be asking yourself, “So how, exactly, will contributing to Baltimore Rising make my life any better? What do I stand to gain if and when Baltimore Rising succeeds?”

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