President Superfluous

Don’t you think that we have enough anxiety in our lives already? I do. And so, to improve the quality of my life I’ve decided to cut back on something that I’m certain isn’t good for me. “Fewer Oreos?” Don’t be ridiculous. No. I’ve decided to stop paying any attention to President Trump. And I will not be any worse off for doing so. Not in the least.

Yes, I watch entirely too much CNN and other news. I like to stay well-informed, but Donald is everywhere, so I’m going to work and do other stuff more and watch President Trump less.

And there is no downside, none whatsoever, because the President has, thank goodness, made himself superfluous. He’s talked himself into oblivion and I’m not going down his personal rabbit hole with him. …My apologies to Bugs and other rabbits everywhere.

For one thing, he lies pretty much all the time, so there is no real information coming out of him that is of any use to me. He lies so often that, even on the rare occasion when he’s telling the truth – because even a blind squirrel will find a nut now and then – I don’t know when it’s happening, so there’s no point in listening to anything he has to say.

The threats he makes are just talk, much of it ridiculous pounding of his chest. He’s a bully, and a bad one at that, who either doesn’t intend to carry through or lacks the authority even if he had the balls to mean what he says.

Nothing he’s said or done in the past three and a half years has changed anything. Not really. Not permanently. The next Democratic President will repair the mess he’s made with our allies and other countries – who, perhaps except for Vladimir Putin, will be glad to see President Trump go. Our economy has a life of it’s own. Donald can pretend to be in charge of it, but he’s not. It will recover when it recovers in spite of him, but certainly not because of him.

At the end of the day, one-third of the county will still vote to re-elect President Trump, although I’m not sure why. There must be something about his being as dumb as he is nuts that they find appealing. Incredible, isn’t it, that they will risk their lives to attend a no-mask, no social distancing, shouting and screaming rally in the middle of a life-threatening pandemic just to stroke his ego. These lemmings that are his political base aren’t going to change their minds because any of the rest of us pays more or less attention to what he’s doing.

He places little or no value on the lives of the people he has sworn to protect, certainly not when he thinks serving them might adversely affect his political fortunes. I can’t imagine a more selfish, more sell-centered person. He is forever talking to himself. Nothing is going to change that. I’m just done watching. I’m done being an unwitting accomplice to his lunacy.

President Donald J. Trump lives off the reactions to the fear and anxiety he creates at every opportunity. Every day he invites us to a party at which our attendance is always in his best interests, but not ours. So why go? All he does is spew division and anxiety. By not listening to him, we’re not subject to it and he is nothing we need to worry about.


Are you suffering from too much Trump? Yeah, me too. So let’s just ignore him and be sure to vote for the other guy in November. When Mr. Trump comes on CNN, MSNBC or, heaven forbid, Fox, change the channel. That’s what I’ve been doing for a while now and I feel better. My skin has a certain glow to it. My finger nails are growing out and, amazingly, I don’t feel the need to eat as many Oreos.

In any case, right now it’s far more important that we focus on taking care of ourselves, our families and fellow countrymen and women in the age of COVID-19 and in the midst of a hopefully major cultural shift that is long, long overdue.




-Les Cohen

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