“Dear Next Contestant” …What’s next, Steve, a tax on sunshine?

Dear Next Contestant –

I read in an article that Steve Schuh is complaining that we’re paying too much for what some people call the “Rain Tax” – and yet he’s a Delegate and he voted for it. Twice.

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Reason #10 NOT To Vote For Steve Schuh: The Rain Tax.

Hi. Steve Schuh, sitting Delegate and Tea Party Republican candidate for Anne Arundel County Executive, voted for a tax to pay for the remediation of storm-water runoff. When it rains, some of the rain that lands on “impervious surfaces,” such as your roof or a shopping center parking lot, makes its way to the Bay. That’s not a good thing. We need to so something about it and so it was decided that there should be a special tax to pay for special projects that would protect Maryland’s greatest natural resource. So far, so good.

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