Major Mayoral Candidate Turnout

New to the city, this primary will be the first time David Warnock has voted for Mayor.

The question is, “Have the leading candidates for Mayor been good citizens when it comes to voting?”

Take a look at the table below. You’ll have to click on the link to see it. Blow it up if the type is too small for you.

Candidate Voting Histories Table

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Minority rule?

Kid Hands Out Water to PoliceIf you don’t vote, this post is directed right at you. Last election, you were either too busy doing something you thought was more important, too lazy or you made the conscious decision that it wouldn’t make any difference. Maybe you didn’t like any of the candidates who were running, so why bother? Whatever your reason, you were a no show.

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Online Voting: No more excuses.

Baltimore Rising in favor of online voting. Why? It’s simple. Because we believe in majority rule.

Let’s just focus on two recent Baltimore City primaries. We’ll talk about primaries because, in Baltimore City, Democrats so outnumber Republicans that the winners of the Democratic primary are almost always victorious in the general election.

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