Donald Trump just may be the best reason for election reform ever.

Donald Trump is a fraud. Not just because he makes things up based on little or no real information about subject matter or knowingly lies because people tend to believe what celebrities tell them. He’s also a fraud because he thinks he killed the Republican primaries confirming, in his own mind, that he’s God’s gift to America.

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To Lobby Or Not To Lobby For Maryland Election Reform

With the primary behind us… Well, not exactly. The Maryland State Board of Elections has still not published data for provisional votes or the second round of absentee ballots. Presumably it will before the winners are formally certified on Friday. But okay, with the primary almost behind us and the general election just six months ahead, we can’t be the only ones thinking that our election process could stand improvement.

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Our Desperate Need For Election Reform

Life is short. Let’s get right down to business. Three points…

One is that we need to extend the limit on campaign contributions, which is now $6000 per person or entity, to cover the candidates themselves.

In the race for Mayor of Baltimore, David Warnock has spent in excess of $1.5 million of his own money, mostly for broadcast television commercials, and he’s still stuck under 10% in the polls.

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