District 1 Crime Maps

Zeke Cohen (D) and Matt McDaniel (R)

Left to right… City Council Candidates Zeke Cohen (D) and Matt McDaniel (R)

For those of our followers who are paying special attention to the District 1 general election contest between Democrat Zeke Cohen and Republican Matt McDaniel, we’ve created crime maps that show the District’s boundaries overlaid onto the crime maps we developed for the entire city.  (Citywide crime maps are available elsewhere on our website, through the menu bars above and below the header and in various posts.)

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Arrests at Baltimore Schools

Digital Harbor High

It comes as no surprise that there is crime happening inside and on the grounds of our city’s schools. That’s obviously a bad thing that affects not only the people perpetrating these crimes and their victims, but everyone – students, faculty and administrators – at the schools where these crimes occur. It’s a particularly difficult problem when the criminals are juveniles. Just kids committing crimes and being arrested.

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“The Numbers Behind Baltimore’s Record Year in Homicides”

Except for this brief introduction, this entire post is quoted from an article dated Friday, January 15 by Jess Bidgood that was published in Sunday’s New York Times. We’re going to give you the section headings. You can use this link to see the entire article. No commentary could make these data more profound or urgent in their implications for what Baltimore needs to do.

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