City-Owned Vacant Homes & Lots For Sale, Cheap!

Updated Vacants-To-Value Program Inventory
As Of July 16, 2016

As you can see from the flier at the bottom of this post, the City’s Housing Department is having what it calls the “Baltimore Builds Expo” on August 13. It’s a series of classes that will help you buy a house or vacant lot on which you can build one – for your family or for sale or rent. The Expo is a great idea and well worth your time if you’re even the least bit interested in taking advantage of the city’s inventory of over 1800 vacant houses and lots.

Exactly where are all these properties? Thinking you might ask, we’ve prepared the interactive map you see below. Start by using the full-screen button on the left of the map to blow it up, and then the “+” button to zoom in on this or that neighborhood. The bigger the map, the easier it will be to see the individual blue dots for each city-owned property.

When you click on or just mouse-over any of the blue dots, you’ll see details about the property including its street address, whether or not it’s a house or vacant lot, the size of the property and its current zoning. Some properties are actually 2 or 3 adjacent lots, but our geocoding doesn’t handle more than a single street number. As you can see from the title on the map, we’re showing 1763 of the City’s 1842 total properties that they list on their Vacants-To-Value website.

Enjoy the Expo – and never hesitate to reach out for us if you need help finding the money you need to buy and rehab or build homes on city-owned or other properties.

Baltimore Builds Expo Flier

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