Missing The Point

The screenshot above is the opening paragraph from a December 26, 2015 article in the Sun.  It’s a good, highly informative piece by Doug Donovan.

Here’s the thing.  Life is short, people need work now and our federal government can’t afford to be waisting money it borrows from China, et al.  If the President and Congress give a poop about Baltimore, and they damn well ought to, they should be spending whatever they can spare on jobs creation.

Baltimore City doesn’t need housing for anyone.  It’s certainly not our highest priority.  Baltimore needs jobs for the unemployed and jobs that pay more than a living wage for people already working. And then those people can spend some of what they make to drive the market for housing and the government can stay out of it.

You’d think with an election coming up that people running for federal office – for Congress, the Senate and President – would be paying more attention to what great cities like Baltimore really need.

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