Hey. As you’ve probably noticed, there is a large, red “Contribute” button in the right column and a “Donate Now” button on our Facebook page (  These buttons are there to help us raise the money we need to do the things we do.

Baltimore Rising has a broad mission, the overall objective of which is to initiate all-inclusive economic growth – in all the city’s neighborhoods.  We’re going to ignite an economic recovery that reduces unemployment and poverty and that repopulates the city so that we can increase property tax and income tax revenues even while we lower the property tax rate.

We know.  You don’t have to say it. It’s breathtaking.  For many prospective contributors, it sounds impossible and certainly not anything that’s going to happen for the current generation.  Well, it is possible and it will happen relatively quickly. And you can contribute to Baltimore Rising for that reason.  Even if you think we’re dreaming, maybe a tad caught up in our own movement, at least our heart is in the right place.

In any case, for those of you – which is most of you – who need something more tangible, here is a very short list of some more specific, more immediate objectives on which we are currently working…

  • Even as you read this, we are working on legislation that will bring employers – employers of Baltimore’s unemployed and under-employed people – to the heart Baltimore’s disadvantaged neighborhoods.  With luck, that legislation should be in front of the City Council before the end of this year.  The same program will help repopulate the city with people who would otherwise be commuting from the suburbs.
  • Even as you read this, we are working on a Council resolution that will endorse the implementation of online voting as soon as possible.  True, we’ll have to go to the state first for legislative permission, but we’re prepared to do that.  Our objective is to have online voting in place, in Baltimore City, by the 2018 elections. Why do we care? Because of what the next bullet is all about.
  • In 2011, when the votes had been counted for the last Mayoral primary, only 25% of the city’s 300,000 registered Democrats had bothered to show up.  In 2012, when the Democratic Presidential primary was uncontested, as it may be again this year, fewer than 15% cared enough to participate.

Baltimore Rising believes in the importance of majority rule. Even as you read this, we’re preparing to go after almost 100,000 of what we call “reluctant voters.”  These are young and older registered Democrats who, for a number of reasons, haven’t been voting recently.  Can we bring all them to the polls next April?  No.  What we can do, with your help, is convince thousands of them to participate. More specifically, our goal is 10,000 to 20,000. That’s a huge, highly material increase in turnout that, we believe, will help assure that the next Mayor and City Council are laser-focused on economic recovery and growth.  (It’s our belief that the availability of online voting will help increase turnout.)

Whether you’re single or have a family and whatever you do for a living…  Whether you work for someone or own a business, large or small…  Wherever you live…  This is our city and all of us here stand to benefit in a significant, material way from the work Baltimore Rising is doing.

When we say “all-inclusive economic growth”…  When we talk about opening up this city for business to an extent not seen in Baltimore for generations…  We’re not kidding.  And it’s not just empty rhetoric or wishful thinking.  That’s not our style.

For these reasons alone – and they’re only examples of a much more extensive body of initiatives we’re going to undertake – you should contribute whatever you can.  Whatever the amount, know that every dollar counts.  Every dollar is encouragement and support that we greatly appreciate.  Thank you for that.

Baltimore Rising Banner

Just so you know…  Baltimore Rising is a 501(c)(4) politically-active non-profit organization.  Contributions are not limited by campaign finance or other laws nor do we release information about the money we receive to the public.  Please keep in mind that money you give us, while it will be put to good use for the benefit of the city of Baltimore, is not tax deductible.

Contributions are used to finance our small staff in very modest offices, but primarily to fund polling and especially for digital and traditional media initiatives to help us accomplish our pro-jobs, pro-economic recovery mission. These initiatives include lobbying for the legislation we sponsor and support – and encouraging voters to elect only the most highly qualified, most productive Mayor and City Council.

If you are unable to contribute, but appreciate what we are trying to accomplish, please don’t hesitate to introduce Baltimore Rising to your friends who may be interested in making a donation.

Simply put, the more money we raise, the more likely we are to succeed and the greater the number of our objectives that we will accomplish.  Thank you for whatever you can do.

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