District 1 Crime Maps

Zeke Cohen (D) and Matt McDaniel (R)

Left to right… City Council Candidates Zeke Cohen (D) and Matt McDaniel (R)

For those of our followers who are paying special attention to the District 1 general election contest between Democrat Zeke Cohen and Republican Matt McDaniel, we’ve created crime maps that show the District’s boundaries overlaid onto the crime maps we developed for the entire city.  (Citywide crime maps are available elsewhere on our website, through the menu bars above and below the header and in various posts.)

To help us understand how much of what serious crimes are occurring precisely where, in and about District 1, we’ve downloaded Baltimore City Police crime data into the 15 interactive maps we’re showing below.  There’s one map for each of the FBI’s “Part 1 Victim-Based Crimes.”  If you’re interested, you can recenter the maps and zoom in to look at crimes in your neighborhood or someplace where you are considering moving your family or business.

At the very least, these maps will give you a sense of how extensive and how widespread or concentrated different crimes have been over the year we mapped, September 1, 2014 through August 31, 2015.


These maps will help your representative on the Council, other City leaders and District 1 activists better understand what police and community actions are necessary to reduce crime and improve security for your families and businesses.  Candidates for City Council should study these maps carefully and revise their anti-crime/public safety platform planks accordingly.  Voters should see what these candidates have to say and act accordingly.

Crime maps…  Press the full-screen and then “+” buttons on the left inside each map to make it easier to read.  And feel free to move around as you would on any interactive map.

01. Aggravated Assaults:

02. Arson:

03. Assault By Threat:

04. Auto Theft:

05. Burglary:

.06 Common Assault:

.07 Homicide:

.08 Larceny:

.09 Larceny From Auto:

10. Rape:

11. Robbery – Carjacking:

12. Robbery – Commercial:

13. Robbery – Residences:

14. Robbery – Street:

15. Shooting:

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