Thousands of jobs. Now. Right now.


Our city’s disadvantaged neighborhoods need thousands of jobs for the unemployed. And thousands more higher-paying jobs for people who are working, but not earning enough.

To help attract employers to these neighborhoods, we need a Mayor they will respect.

Of the 6 leading candidates for Mayor, only one of them is a convicted criminal who pled guilty to perjury and who was forced out of the Mayor’s office.

Our city needs a new Mayor who will support all-inclusive economic recovery and growth. Who will bring these thousands of jobs directly to the neighborhoods whose residents need them most.

Please vote for your choice of one of the other 5 candidates: Catherine Pugh, Carl Stokes, Nick Mosby, Elizabeth Embry or David Warnock. (They’re listed in order of their standing in the most recent Gonzales Research poll.)

Sheila Dixon had her chance. Now it’s your chance to vote for someone else who isn’t an embarrassment to our city. Someone who will bring Baltimore the jobs it so desperately needs.

Thank you.

5 Candidates for Mayor

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