Once burned, twice shy.

Ask yourself…  Are you willing to bet the future of your family and your city on a candidate who is a convicted criminal, who pled guilty to perjury, who betrayed the trust of her constituents and was then forced out of the Mayor’s office?  Is that really your image of a Mayor who can reach out around the country to attract employers to Baltimore?

Sheila Dixon had her chance. Now it’s your chance to take back your city, to elect a Mayor and City Council that will bring employers to the hearts of our most disadvantaged neighborhoods and ignite the all-inclusive economic recovery that will eliminate the unemployment and poverty that have plagued our great city for decades.

With so much at stake, why risk it on someone who has already held the position, who has already been Mayor and failed you?

Vote for one of the other 5 major candidates – Pugh, Stokes, Mosby, Embry or Warnock – whichever one you believe will do the most to bring us the thousands of jobs Baltimore so desperately needs.


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