JOB$: Which neighborhoods qualify?

Over the weekend, we published our new flier for “JOB$, The Employer Funding Program From Baltimore Rising.” The purpose of the program is to help employers obtain bank financing for $100,000 to $10 million that they need to relocate or expand inside Baltimore neighborhoods that are struggling.

With luck and hard work – and the cooperation of the City Council – it should also be possible for these employers to obtain free property from the city’s inventory of vacant and abandoned real estate with 5 to 10 years of zero property taxes. These properties aren’t paying property taxes as it is, so our program has no negative impact on city revenues. Quite to the contrary, our program creates jobs, the impact of which will be to increase city tax revenues and reduce expenses associated with supporting unemployed and under-employed families.

Two Men With Safety Glasses in Plant

Since we published our flier, people have been asking us which neighborhoods would qualify. Well, the rule is that neighborhoods must have 10% or higher employment. Unfortunately, that’s a lot of neighborhoods which is, of course, the point of our JOB$ program.

Use the link below to see which neighborhoods qualify. The unemployment rates we’re using is from the BNIA (Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance) based on Census Bureau Community Statistical Area data.

Neighborhoods Targeted For JOB$ Employer Funding 

As you’ll see, there are 30 neighborhoods that qualify – neighborhoods filled with good, hardworking people looking for employment. We’ll even help you get the money you need to provide on-the-job-training so that the skills of the people you hire will precisely match what you need.

Our JOB$ program is open to employers from around the city, throughout the region and across the country.

Manage your company well, and you’ll make extraordinary profits by pioneering Baltimore’s special neighborhoods that are “Opportunity’s New Frontier.”

For additional information, read our program flier by clicking on the link we just gave you.

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