Topgolf? Really?

Depending upon the source, approximately two-thirds of Baltimore’s families are struggling financially – in neighborhoods that need all the help they can get.

The last thing Baltimore needs is a high-end, expensive, glitzy combination of high-tech driving range and bar, most of whose customers and many of its employees will come from outside the city, just to save the Horseshoe Casino and make more money for a handful of developers – with the help of the Baltimore Development Corporation.  (“Baltimore Development Corporation.”  Now there’s an oxymoron if ever there was one.)

The Horseshoe was supposed to anchor a new “entertainment zone,” but its performance has been disappointing, increasingly so.  Now a new Topgolf franchise with no long-term proof of concept is being brought in to draw customers to the casino.

With all the City needs, a Topgolf is what the City leaders are thinking?  Makes you wonder if the Mayor and City Council could care less about the people who elected them.

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