Reasons Not To Approve The Eldersburg LIDL Site Plan

For those of you who have been following the coming of a new LIDL grocery store to Eldersburg…

“Excuse me.”

Uh, sure. Did you need something?

“Yes. What’s a ‘Liddle’?”

Good question. Actually, it’s pronounced “Leedle,” like “needle,” but with an L. LIDL is a huge grocery store chain, with 10,000+ stores in Europe, that’s just coming to the United States. The Eldersburg store, if it happens, will be one of their first over here. Think of LIDL as a larger version of ALDI, LIDL’s most direct competitor.

“What’s an ALDI?”

Sorry, but I’ve got to get this posted and back to work on my day job. There’s a new ALDI coming to Eldersburg, in the building vacated by Walmart when they moved down the street to open the new Supercenter. The ALDI will be across Liberty Road from where the LIDL wants to open.

As I was saying, for those of you who have been following the coming of a new LIDL grocery store to Eldersburg, please do your best to attend next Wednesday’s meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission in Westminster. The time and address are given in this ad that will be running in Sunday’s and Wednesday’s editions of the Carroll County Times. Just click on the link to see the ad – and be sure to invite your friends and neighbors to join you.

And if you’re really serious, really interested in understanding what’s happening, you might also want to read this. (Again, you need to click on the link to see it.) It’s by one of our writers who is attempting to explain the arguments against the County’s approval of the LIDL site plan. He’s under-paid, way over-educated and, from the length of it, you’d think he gets paid by the word.

So, take a look if you have time – or print it out to read later. And be sure to take our survey before you leave so we’ll know what you’d like to see built on this particular property. The survey is anonymous, so no one will know who you are.

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