Only 80,000 new jobs: Maybe today would be a good day for Ben Cardin and Dutch Ruppersberger to accept responsibility.

Friday, July 6, 2012

In an article published earlier today, I showed that Maryland’s incumbent Senator, Democrat Ben Cardin, and incumbent Congressman from the Second District, Democrat Dutch Ruppersberger, have tended to vote 97%, 98% of the time with their party and with the President.

With only 80,000 new jobs having been created in June, an average of only 75,000 in April, May and June, with 12.7 million Americans unemployed, millions of others under-employed, and millions having given up looking for work, with 42 consecutive months of unemployment at 8% or higher, 14.4% unemployment among Black Americans, 11% among Hispanics… (Takes your breath away, doesn’t it.)

With all that, isn’t it reasonable to conclude that an elected official who has voted 97%, 98% of the time for his President’s policies accepts responsibility for the failure of those policies to restore full employment and the levels of economic growth a healthy American economy can accomplish?

Senator Cardin and Congressman Ruppersberger obviously agree with those policies, that’s why they voted for them. That’s why they didn’t do more, do anything to introduce or sponsor legislation that would have been more effective. Isn’t it reasonable for Maryland voters to hold these incumbents responsible for the performance of those policies?

I think so. How ‘bout you?

-Next Contestant

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