Ben Cardin v Dan Bongino: An invitation to Maryland voters who don’t want to re-elect Senator Cardin.

Friday, June 22, 2012

A few minutes ago, I published an article inviting Maryland’s Second Congressional District voters who do not want to re-elect their incumbent Congressman to let Next Contestant know why. The same reasoning and invitation apply to the voters, statewide, who have problem with re-electing Senator Ben Cardin.

On one hand, we have in Senator Cardin an extremely well-known politician who has been in Washington, first in the House, and for the last five and half years in the Senate, for almost 25 years. Unfortunately, despite his intelligence, good will and experience, the Senator has become the poster boy for Washington establishment politics and “business as usual.” Long on talk, but far too short on accomplishments, Senator Cardin has rubber-stamped his party’s programs and failed to contribute in any meaningful way toward resolving our most pressing economic, fiscal and social problems. Like any highly paid executive who has failed to live up to the reasonable expectations of the company’s stockholders, he needs to be replaced.


The good news for Maryland voters is that there is a highly competent Washington outsider, Dan Bongino, waiting to take Senator Cardin’s place with a fresh mandate to get it right. Dan’s campaign may be underfunded, as most challenger campaigns are, and his party affiliation (Republican) may be the minority, but if Marylanders study Ben Cardin’s record and vote what their heads and wallets tell them, Dan Bongino deserves to win, hands down.

Candidates love to show real people giving us reasons to vote for them. Senator Cardin is no exception and Dan Bongino may be tempted to do the same, although I hope he’ll opt instead to tell voters precisely what he’s going to do for them that Senator hasn’t. So, I guess it’s up to Next Contestant to fill in the gap.

What missing is the heartfelt, honest statements of voters that explain to their fellow Marylanders why, regardless of their party affiliation, Senator Cardin has to go. What’s missing is the voter testimonials Senator Cardin’s campaign isn’t going to show you.

Okay, are you paying attention? Are you a Maryland voter who has a legitimate, election-worthy complaint about Senator Cardin? Or do you know a voter who meets that description, regardless of his or her party affiliation? Well, you do your duty as citizen, and Next Contestant will do its job to see that word of these voter criticisms of Senator Cardin gets out.

It’s easy. Just leave a comment to this article. Include your name and the city where you live. (“Evelyn from Severna Park,” for example). I know you like anonymity, but giving your name is the standup thing to do, and we don’t want the Cardin campaign claiming we made up your comments.

Com’on. No excuses. If you want Senator Cardin out, if you’re tired of wasting the $174,000 per year we’re paying him to make a difference, which he hasn’t, you’re going to have to do more than vote for Dan Bongino. You’re going to have to step up and encourage other voters in Maryland to do the same. This is, after all, your election and your government that we’re talking about.

Thank you in advance for your comments. I’ll respond to everyone you. Now let’s do this.

-Next Contestant

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