Reason #2 NOT To Vote For Steve Schuh: He’s pro-life.

Once again, these reasons not to vote for Steve are numbered to make them easy to identify. Otherwise, the numbers don’t mean anything.

Steve Schuh is pro-life. How do I know? Two reasons. One is that, on June 5th of this year, he received a 100% rating from Maryland Right To Life. The other is that he unabashedly displayed the Right To Life logo on his primary campaign mailings. See the image below.
What you’re seeing is a scan of a color copy of one of the Schuh campaign mailers that were sent to voters before the Republican primary when he ran against appointed incumbent Laura Neuman. The Right To Life logo is the heart on the left.

That’s his right, of course, to be pro-life. The only reason that I’m talking about it is that Steve’s made it political by declaring it on his campaign materials.

The law of Maryland, regardless of what the County Executive personally believes, is pro-choice. Under no circumstances can the Anne Arundel County Executive discourage or fail to be supportive of pro-choice decisions by his or her constituents. No one cares what he believes personally. To be other than supportive of pro-choice behavior would be against the law.

Steve Schuh is a bright guy. He knows the law, so what’s his point? Why even raise the subject, and proclaim on his campaign materials that he’s pro-life? It shouldn’t make any difference, should it – unless, of course, he intends to do something about it.

The law of Maryland says that women can make up their own minds about whether or not they want to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. It’s a personal decision that shouldn’t have anything to do with what their County Executive personally believes is the right thing to do. That Steve Schuh is talking about it at all is more than “curious” and yet another reason not to vote for him.

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