Reason #1 NOT To Vote For Steve Schuh: The mystery of his Tea Party affiliation.  

By the way, I’m numbering these reasons, just to keep count of them, but they’re not in any particular order.

You probably noticed, in the introduction to this series, that I referred to Mr. Schuh as a “Tea Party Republican.” I did that based on his name appearing on a list of Delegates who are founding members of the Maryland House of Delegates Tea Party Caucus. You can see that list for yourself at the website of Delegate Mike Smigiel. When you get there, you’ll have the pleasure (?) of reading Delegate Smigiel’s list of members of his Tea Party Caucus, including Steve Schuh – and copy of he simple pledge Delegate Smigiel tells us that all the members signed.

Mike Smigiel Website Banner

So what if Mr. Schuh is a member of the Tea Party? You know, I’m not sure. The Tea Party is a subset of the Republican Party. Members have a variety of political opinions, but are, in general, at odds with old school Republicanism – whatever that is. And the fact that “Steve” – no disrespect meant by using his first name – believes in smaller, less tax- and fee-intensive government, is no secret. Those and other Tea Party points of view, whatever they are, are legitimate political philosophies.

So what’s my point? My point – and this first reason not to vote for Mr. Schuh – is that apparently he’s the one who believes there is something wrong with his Tea Party affiliation. Nowhere, on his campaign website or elsewhere that I’ve been able to find so far, does he mention his membership in the Tea Party Caucus – and I’m wondering why not.

Maybe you can help me here. Leave me a comment if there’s something I’ve missed. Either Delegate Smigiel’s website is incorrect or out of date. Maybe, since he entered the race for County Executive, Mr. Schuh resigned from the Tea Party caucus or, believing it will cost him votes, he’s just decided not to talk about it.

Okay, this blog is a type of interactive, social media, so I have a question for you…

Does Steve Schuh still belong to the House Tea Party Caucus? If not, why not? And, if he does, why doesn’t he mention it? What’s wrong with electing a Tea Party Republican to the position of Anne Arundel County Executive?

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