Bill Clinton: Economic policy genius or just lucky?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

I don’t know about you, but I’m soooo tired of hearing the President Obama and other Democrats boast about how many zillions of jobs Bill Clinton created when he was President. Give me a break. The man was anything but God’s gift to the Presidency. Bill Clinton just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Bill Clinton took office at the tail end of a recession and rode a naturally occurring economic recovery into history, a boom for which he will be forever taking credit. President Obama, on the other hand, as he reminds us every chance he gets, took office during what’s turned out to be the early stages of a serious recession – a downturn for which he has blamed everything and everyone but himself. If Bill Clinton had been elected in 2008, instead of President Obama, the odds are we’d be right where we are today. No one has any valid basis for asserting otherwise.

The President’s campaign can’t have it both ways. Either Bill Clinton was an economic policy genius, in which case voters have got to wonder why President Obama hasn’t been following his example – absent the oral sex in the Oval Office, of course – or President Clinton just lucked out and neither one of them, not President Clinton or President Obama, ever really had the ability, the know-how to create or save large numbers of jobs. Pick one. Either President Obama is a slow learner who pretty much wasted his first term in office, at his country’s expense, or there’s nothing he could do to effect a recovery except stay in office long enough for the economy, in spite of his economic policies, to make one happen. Either way, President Obama looks bad.

Why the President is trotting out Bill Clinton to do commercials for him is beyond me. At best, it only makes President’s Obama’s performance in office pale by comparison.

Oh, and President Clinton had a cat, while President Obama has a dog. Maybe that means something.

-Next Contestant

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