Reason #3A: The Anti-Hogan Mailer

Hi.  See the image below, at the bottom of this article?  It’s a scan of most of the back of a mailer I received today…  Paid for and by authority Maryland Democratic Party, Robert Kresslein, Treasurer.

My scanner couldn’t handle the whole page so this images is almost 2″ short on the left.  What you’re missing is a small picture of Larry Hogan, Republican candidate for Governor, and more of the assault rifle including some sort of sighting devise, I think.

This is negative advertising.  I don’t know if what it says accurately reflects Mr. Hogan’s views or what it’s implications may be for how he would govern.  I haven’t decided who I’ll vote for yet, Brown or Hogan.

For what it’s worth, notice the language under the brown bar…

Republican Larry Hogan sided with the NRA, not Maryland families, when he opposed SB281, a new Maryland Law that banned the sale of assault weapons responsible for horrible mass shootings, including shootings of school children.

It’s pretty dramatic stuff.  Too much.  Way more than the MDP needed to make its point.

My point is that we’re all adults, many of us parents and grandparents.  We can read and we can think for ourselves.  We don’t need images of assault rifles on the back and front of a mailer – and references to mass shootings that we already knew were “horrible” – to know what this legislation was about.

Here, immediately below, is a a link to the entire text of SB281.  Read it for yourself.

Tea Party Republican candidate Steve Schuh is running for Anne Arundel County Executive.  He voted against SB281 when it came before the House of Delegates where he represents District 31.  SB281 passed the House without his support, 78 to 61.  To be fair, 60 other Delegates also voted “Nay.”

 SB281, The Firearm Safety Act Of 2013

Draw your own conclusions, unaffected by the MDP imagery and language.  Personally and on behalf of my children and grandchildren, voting against SB281 is my Reason #3 for you NOT to vote for Steve Schuh.

Anti-Hogan Mailer


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