“Dear Next Contestant” …Steve Schuh’s Affection For The Second Amendment

Dear Next Contestant:

Some friends of mine and I were having cheese fries and beer the other night after work… No, none of us is on a diet. ..when we started talking about our schools and people running for County Council and Executive.

One of them is a Tea Party Republican, Steve Schuh. According to one of my friends, who favors light beer for reasons that escape the rest of us, Mr. Schuh, who is a sitting Delegate from Gibson Island, voted against a bill (SB281 in 2013) that would have tightened restrictions on who gets to carry weapons on public school property. I so didn’t believe it, I looked it up on my phone and my light beer friend is right.

Apparently, Mr. Schuh has let his Tea Party’s excessively broad

That does it. I’m voting for the other guy, Democrat George Johnson. I remember voting for him when he ran and was elected Sheriff. Three times. So are my friends.


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