Push polls? Legitimate or deceptive campaigning?

If you Google “push poll,” here’s what you see…
"Push Poll" Definition

And here’s the Wikipedia definition.  If the type is too small, click on the image to make it larger.

"Push Poll" Explanation

Use this link to see the full Wikipedia write-up.

Basically, a push poll is a fake poll used for the purpose of marketing a candidate or ballot measure. The idea of push polling is that people are more likely to listen when they pick up their phones if they think they are being asked for their opinion – and are more receptive to what they hear if they don’t realize that the questions they are being asked are leading and suggestive. Push polls aren’t illegal, but they are meant to trick the voter and something about that bothers us.

But then we’re wondering what you think. As far as we know, David Warnock is currently the only candidate for Mayor doing push polling, which is not cheap, but there may be others.

Two questions:

  • Are there any other candidates for Mayor doing push polling?
  • What’s your opinion of push-polling? And of the candidates who are using it to help change voter opinion in their favor?

Thanks. Leave us a comment or send us an email to Info@BaltimoreRising.org.

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